Sunday, December 27, 2009

Smiling Big...

So I have this smile…It's a ridiculously over-sized one, but never-the-less it's my true smile. I use this smile at the happiest moments of my day, or when someone I care about simply "lights those pearly whites up." I recently noticed that I hadn't been using my true smile quite as much due to life's challenges and struggles (fear not, I will be just fine). This discovery, combined with a phenomenal conversation I had with an AMAZING person helped me to realize the importance of what makes me happy and smile.

I always want to be happy. Hell, I always want to be smiling. And I most certainly want everyone that contributes to my smiley happiness to have the same thing. This is something I value very much, and for that reason alone makes it a high priority in my life.

Sure, everyone wants happiness it's something we all value right…? Then why don't we make it a greater priority in our lives? It seems to me that we settle so quickly on the notion that we're already happy (as good as it gets), or if we just work really hard at it eventually we could be happy. Both of these misconceptions ultimately hold many great people back, in my mind, from their full potential. Of course everyone wants the best for themselves and that's what everyone deserves! But what happens when something better comes along and you've already cashed in and settled? What happens when you're so busy working over-time to maintain your current happiness that you don't see the effortless package sitting right in front of you? Whether you want to admit it or not you know the answer. You'll forever be left in the dark wondering if it could have been better. You will always miss out on 100 percent of the opportunities you don't try for. That statistic never changes. I'm always in search of the ultimate happiness and this alone keeps me happy (and smiley) along the way.

ALWAYS want the best for yourself!

ALWAYS want the greatest level of happiness you can find!

And damnit, keep those smiles coming!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Get Off Your Ass...

Isn’t there more to life besides watching television and surfing the internet while eating a quart of Haagen-Dazs? I feel like our lives were made for more than sitting on our asses, staring at the biggest screen we could afford on store credit, watching a sport I’d rather be outside playing, media coverage on the latest catastrophe or a show that belittles my intelligence by asking me if “I’m smarter than a 5th grader!” Is this what tends to fill up most of your nights and weekends as well? Hell, most of these shows out there are struggling just to be labeled as ‘entertainment’ in general. Yet we pay top dollar, month in and month out, to lose brain cells and watch our waists grow larger by the hour!

I’ve found myself, too many times, using television and video games as a fall back to having no plans. Yet, I could clean my house, go work out, write a novel (or a blog), hang out with a friend or (dare I even say it) read a book! If you’re one of those people that makes the statement, “Why read the book when you can watch the movie?” I have my own statement for you: “You’re fucking stupid!” First off, the book is always better than the movie because it is the complete version of the story. And second, and most importantly, you had to actually read the book! At a minimum your brain is still being challenged with new words, definitions and sentence structure. My brain’s largest obstacle during a movie is rationing the correct amount of popcorn to last beyond the previews or overdosing on a beverage to trigger multiple bathroom breaks.

I believe this is also a contributor to what’s killing the new generation’s chances at even being halfway descent at any sports. For anyone over the age of 21: do you remember when your parents practically had to drag you inside when it started getting dark almost every night? That’s because we were outside, constantly, closing the cul-de-sacs for street hockey, kickball, baseball, hotbox, capture the flag, kick the can and super soaker wars! Now I drive by a park and there’s two kids on the swings, no one playing an actual sport and the deeply depressed emo-loner that’s five seconds from ending it all with a whole bottle of aspirin! Where are all the happy playing kids? I have no factual statistics for this but I know I can make an accurate statement by saying “the majority of them are staring at a television or computer screen.”

My point to all of this is the recommendation of challenging your mind more. It leads to good health, a bigger intellect, determination, a sense of accomplishment and overall a lack of laziness! It’s human nature to want to better yourself, whether you want to admit it or not, but you need to be the one to get up and do it. I’d tell everyone to start by throwing their televisions away, but I can never direct someone else to do something I wouldn’t do myself. After all, I’m still paying it off on store credit!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Outer beauty is something extremely frivolous to me. It is something that is expressed by the things we do, the choices we make and the lives we lead. But contrary to what some may believe, it's NOT the most important kind of beauty! The way I see it, inner beauty is the single most important trait anyone in this world can possess. I regard it as being the most precious treasure we own next to life itself.

I believe beauty, and especially it's definition, has gotten the best of this world lately. It's left many of us (including myself) spiteful and cold no matter which end of the spectrum we land upon in either categories. It's quickly separating us from each other. It makes us discriminate, prejudge, ridicule, despise and even hate. None of these words being beautiful at all.

What happened to searching for the best in people; regardless of negative opinions others say about them or in relation to their past?

What happened to striving for what is best in any situation or person?

What happened to regarding friendships with utmost respect and the willingness to do anything for a good friend? I know I'd give my own life in the blink of an eye for any of my friends and family.

The bottom line is it should be about how others act toward you that matters most. Their actions are a direct result and reflection of your inner beauty towards them. And I'm not talking about the drooling dude that always gives you free stuff because he wants to fuck your hot body, or the chick that only talks to you when she needs something from you. I'm talking about people that actually show high levels of respect toward you (if you don't know what I'm talking about, you don't have any- reevaluate your life asshole!). I demand a simply respect that everyone deserves, and I wish the world would demand theirs.

Demand some respect.
Fight for what's right.
And don't waste your time trying to find beauty.
You already possess it.

I Dream Big...

I'm doing okay for myself, currently, but the feeling of complete satisfaction is a son of a bitch. I perpetually feel something greater in the near future, which has only been leaving me sycophant. So I remain, to a certain degree, unsatisfied in life.

I've come to the conclusion that it's not necessarily even a choice I've made, it's just in me. I see so many different levels of satisfaction in people's lives, many of which I would NEVER compromise on. Most of the time, those who consider themselves to be "satisfied in life" only appear to be deficient to me. At best they share with the world a visual rhetoric that gets past down through the generations of family members over years of time, but the source is long forgotten after they've passed away.

I want to be remembered…

I want to have prominence…

I want to be significant…

But please don't consider me a cynic though. I'm just hopelessly determined. I do very much enjoy life - a lot more so lately. I simply look forward to challenges in my future and am eager to see what becomes of it all. I love the people I surround myself with. I love the life that was given to me. And I love that I love.

I dream big.

My First Blog...

So here it is, the popping of my blogging cherry! The long road of listening to my mindless babble, constant ranting and raving, controversial statements and down right blunt observations has begun. For all those who take this adventure with me, I apologize from the beginning! I will not be advertising this page, or telling all my friends to read my writing (they suffer enough with me in everyday situations). Instead, I will utilize this page as an inspiration to write more and gain that passion for what I believe in. Every day I learn new things, form new opinions and gain a better understanding of who I am and what I'm doing on this earth that I feel the need to share with anyone willing to listen.

A quick WARNING to any and all readers of these blogs: If you're easily offended these blogs probably won't be for yourself and I suggest "movin' along lil' doggy!" I am sure to insult many with my comments that, if not properly explained or justified by myself, will piss you off!

With that being said, lets get this party started!

-Average Guy