Sunday, December 27, 2009

Smiling Big...

So I have this smile…It's a ridiculously over-sized one, but never-the-less it's my true smile. I use this smile at the happiest moments of my day, or when someone I care about simply "lights those pearly whites up." I recently noticed that I hadn't been using my true smile quite as much due to life's challenges and struggles (fear not, I will be just fine). This discovery, combined with a phenomenal conversation I had with an AMAZING person helped me to realize the importance of what makes me happy and smile.

I always want to be happy. Hell, I always want to be smiling. And I most certainly want everyone that contributes to my smiley happiness to have the same thing. This is something I value very much, and for that reason alone makes it a high priority in my life.

Sure, everyone wants happiness it's something we all value right…? Then why don't we make it a greater priority in our lives? It seems to me that we settle so quickly on the notion that we're already happy (as good as it gets), or if we just work really hard at it eventually we could be happy. Both of these misconceptions ultimately hold many great people back, in my mind, from their full potential. Of course everyone wants the best for themselves and that's what everyone deserves! But what happens when something better comes along and you've already cashed in and settled? What happens when you're so busy working over-time to maintain your current happiness that you don't see the effortless package sitting right in front of you? Whether you want to admit it or not you know the answer. You'll forever be left in the dark wondering if it could have been better. You will always miss out on 100 percent of the opportunities you don't try for. That statistic never changes. I'm always in search of the ultimate happiness and this alone keeps me happy (and smiley) along the way.

ALWAYS want the best for yourself!

ALWAYS want the greatest level of happiness you can find!

And damnit, keep those smiles coming!


  1. Hey, how does it feel to have your first follower and your first comment?

    I still remember my first. I cried. It was that important.

    Now I know I will always have a special place in your blog heart. ;)

    Your blog is intriguing. Keep bearing your soul.

  2. I think Crash means "baring", but don't tell her I corrected her. She's a professional writer and a good pal, and I'm pretty sure that in a wrestling match she could totally take me, even with my cape and breakaway folding chair.

    I'm sorry I only noticed you on my followers list; I don't get over there as often as I should.

    So, I am very interested in what you say here. You're at the perfect age to be living this philosophy! That was NOT sarcasm; I really mean it. Your 20's are the time for really exploring those interests, talents, and types of relationships that have the best chance of keeping you happy and engaged in the moment.

    Be careful, however, to not paralyze yourself by worrying over what's happening on those 'roads not taken'. I have a daughter nearly your age, and I'm seeing in her this paralytic reticence to make a decision, all because of the "but what if there's something else out there that's better?" conundrum.

    Keep writing, and I'll keep reading!